How to get sleep on a plane

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  • 100% more IN AIR comfort
  • Don’t sit on a seat that has been sat on by 1000’s of other people – use the Travel Mat as your personal SEAT COVER
  • Breathable Bamboo cover – this can be taken off and washed!
  • Convoluted/Egg crate style foam which can help distribute weight for long and short haul flights
  • Question: If you sit down to watch a movie – do you choose a seat or couch? This is close to taking your couch with you, easily rolled up and sits on top of your carry on
  • Question: Have you ever been stuck at the airport? Weather patterns are changing – be prepared

US Patent Pending on our NECK PILLOW


Arms of the neck pillow can be:

  • Hooked around your neck to keep your head in place
  • doubled up on either side or used up against a window
  • flipped behind your back for extra lumbar support
  • Twisted and moulded in the shape YOU feel is comfortable

Be creative and flip it completely upside down if your toosh needs some extra padding!

Ever been stuck at the airport? With the kids?

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